• be empowered.

    be empowered.

  • be balanced.

    be balanced.

  • be you.

    be you.

be three

Lifestyle of a single professional

Welcome to bethree!

This blog is a community where people can come together to empower each other through shared experiences, and encourage each other to live a life that’s balanced and reflective of who they truly are.

Consider this to be your one stop shop to lifting yourself up and being a badass.

My posts share everything from life experiences, travel stories and tips, to work related issues and ideas.  Everything I share is based on my own thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiences.  This blog, and I, do not represent anyone or any entity.

Why the name “bethree”?

The name “bethree” was inspired from a pair of cuffs I found one day.  I had just moved to my current city, and as you know, starting over can be tough. Finding new friends, adjusting to a new job and new city….all of it put me in a place of uncertainty.  When I saw the cuffs I thought the words on them were really reflective of me; weird as it may sound, it made me feel better and more empowered. 

Plus, it got me to think about myself differently. It made me think of different ways I’d WANT to describe myself.  When you start opening up yourself to the possibilities, you see all kinds of potential that you may not have before.  For instance, for a long time I just saw myself as a physician and administrator;  now I’m thinking of other things I can do: open a business, create a patent, be a blogger…. basically, be a badass all-rounded business woman.

Will I actually accomplish all of this?  Who knows, but envisioning all the possibilities is incredibly motivating and uplifting.

I wanted to pass on the inspiration that everyone should have their own three things.  Those three things can be adjectives like in the cuffs, positive affirmations that you like to live your life by or three things that define who you are or what you do.  Your three can change daily, or shift as you discover more about yourself and gain more experiences.

The idea with this blog, then, is to help build people up, to keep them motivated and to encourage everyone that even the most far-fetched vision of yourself in the future, can come true.  If you’re currently alone and starting over, or going through something rough, or feeling uncertain about your path, or even perfectly content, just make sure you continue to make time to continuously learn about yourself and take care of yourself.

To summarize, the goal for this blog:
Be Empowered. Be Balanced. Be You.

My personal three descriptors currently includes: Physician. Entrepreneur. Traveler 🙂

What’s your three?


More about me:

I’m originally from the midwest, where I also completed undergraduate, graduate (I have my MBA) and medical school.  I completed my residency training in New York City, my fellowship at Stanford, and then I moved to southern California for my first job!

I’m an avid traveler (it’s basically all I spend my money on), foodie and, I’m a self certified bookworm.  I’m terrible at fitness, but do try to make it to the gym as often as I can, and if there’s a dance class involved, that’s where you’ll find me!

My favorite color is purple, Gin is my drink of choice, Batman is my hero, and hip hop is my jam.